Bairnsdale Best Horse Racing Tips and Predictions

Bairnsdale Best Horse Racing Tips and Predictions

Bairnsdale will host nine horse racing events on its heavy track, while keeping its rail at its original position for the entire race.

Race One: Steer For Lady

Race Two: Phantomix

Race Three: Barnsbury

Race Four: Xtra Gear

Race Five: Inkslinger

Race Six: Extending

Race Seven: The Mobot

Race Eight: Trigger Point

Race Nine: Grazie Mille

Best Bet: The Mobot (Race Seven)

The Mobot is a five-year-old Mare training under Ciaron Maher and David Eustace in the Warwick Farm, Australia. Currently, this mare racked up a 33%-win rate throughout its career.

Currently, the Mobot has six wins under its belt. His most significant win was with Teodore Nugent, defeating Lady Naturaliste to win $50,000 in prize money. His most recent win was during the Hygain Winners Choice BM64 Handicap horse racing event in the Ballarat Synthetic racetrack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What is the rule on whipping horses during a horse racing event?

The New Jersey Racing Commission permits the jockey to strike the horse with a riding crop during the race. However, the jockey should practice precaution to ensure the horse’s safety.

Q2: Is barrel horse racing morally unethical?

There is nothing wrong with barrel racing if the horse races with a professional jockey or trainer. The only abuse happens when inexperienced people try racing with a racehorse.

Q3: What is a good first horse?

One of the best horses to buy for a beginner is the American Quarter Horse and American Paint Horse.